Winter Woolies

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2015 has been a challenging year for the whole of Nepal. The devastating earthquakes, the new constitution, aggressive protests and the blockade at the border of Nepal has left the country in a vulnerable position. The entire nation has a lack of supplies being delivered, and with winters getting colder (the lowest temperature at higher altitudes being -2°C in December 2014)* the people of Nepal are completely unprepared.


Petrol stations are closed nationally, creating a black market for the product with un-affordable prices. Gas supplies are no longer available and electric cuts are far more frequent than usual. This means that gas heaters and cooking appliances are no longer available and electrical items are less reliable for their users. The lack of gas has resulted in an increase in wood fires for both cooking and heating purposes, making even this resource very difficult to obtain.

We are therefore determined to assist the children in any way that we can. We have already bought an insulating foam for the walls and are making curtains to cover the walls in order to provide an extra layer for warmth. Daylight provides sufficient warmth for the children, however the days are becoming very short and the days becoming colder and colder. The lack of heating options available means we are reliant on warm clothing. The children wear their winter jackets all day and put on even more layers to stay warm.

The children need as many warm clothing as they can. We are therefore determined to provide more coats, trousers and warm pyjamas for the children! We are also aiming to get electrical heaters, which are able to use and store electrical energy. So when power-cuts occur, rooms can still be heated using the stored energy. We will ensure that all the children we are helping stay warm and healthy during this winter. We also need to buy carpets to keep the floors warm in order for the children to be able to study in comfortable conditions. And, of course, there are many more street children in need – we want to provide blankets and warm clothes through our outreach support.


Our Winter Woolies campaign is committed to help the children keep warm this winter! Please support our Winter Woolies campaign and help us keep the kids who have already been through a lot, warm this December and January.

From December 1st to December 31st, GlobalGiving will be matching ALL monthly donations! For every new monthly donation that is set up on the website, we will receive an equal donation from GlobalGiving! Please visit our winter campaign page here:

From all of us at Our Sansar, a massive thank you in advance for all your help!

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Your Donation Matched on Wednesday 13th May!

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Our friends at Global Giving are holding a “Bonus Day” on Wednesday 13th May, where they guarantee to match a portion of ALL donations of up to $1,000 made to live Global Giving projects!

The percentage of your donation that will be matched will depend on the total amount given to Global Giving projects on Bonus Day, but the important thing to remember is that, whatever you donate, your kind gift is guaranteed to go a little bit further and to help more children in need!

As Global Giving are based in Washington DC, the offer runs between 9 am and Midnight EDT (Eastern Daylight Time), which is the equivalent of 2 pm and 5 am GMT. Don’t worry, we’ll post a reminder on the day!

We have been able to open an emergency shelter for children in Gorkha district

We’ve already been overwhelmed by the generosity of people who have donated to our Nepal Earthquake Relief campaign, and the funds raised so far have not only helped us to deliver blankets and supplies to survivors of the earthquake, but also to open an emergency shelter for children in the Gorkha district of Nepal. Gorkha was one of the areas worst hit by the series of devastating earthquakes on the 25th of April, with the majority of homes being reduced to rubble and many children orphaned. With your help, we are able to provide shelter, food, education and counselling to children who have lost everything, but our work is not over and we urgently need more funding to continue our relief efforts.

Please give whatever you can this Wednesday; you can be safe in the knowledge that you are making a genuine difference to the lives of children left traumatised by the Nepal Earthquake.

You can donate here (remember, donations on Wednesday will be matched!):

Update: Julia’s Trip to Nepal

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We have lots of exciting updates to bring you from Nepal over the next few days…


Julia and Clint have been out visiting the boys in Our Sansar’s Children’s Home. They’ve been seeing how the boys are getting on and settling into the home – but also improving the home and ensuring all your generous donations go directly to the boys.

As children who have spent a lot of time either living on the streets or coming from homes that could barely afford to feed them – they’ve all had very little chance to enjoy the ‘normal’ treats we  often take for granted.

So…. Julia and Clint brought the boys some exciting new gifts for them to enjoy this summer!

One of the boy’s favourite treats was their first EVER dip into a swimming pool:


As you can imagine there was quite a splash!

The house now also has a musical instrument for the boys to practice on –

The boys loved it, and have been carrying it all around the house playing. Clint gave them a few quick lessons (which they kindly then tried to teach to Julia).


Bubbles have been a HUGE hit 🙂

“The children are amazing, very sweet, playful, polite and really keen to study and gain knowledge.”

Stay tuned and we’ll be bringing you more updates from Nepal soon.

Thank you all!

Journey to Everest Base Camp and the Orphanage in Birgunj

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Nitin and Mina Changela recently climbed to Everest Base Camp in order to raise money for Our Sansar as well as visiting our Children’s Home in Birgunj.


This is their story:

“Everest Base Camp Summit has been on my wish list for years. So in early 2013, I began researching the serious training and stamina building that would be needed for those intensive long day treks. After reviewing a few companies in the UK and Nepal I finally settled on one in Kathmandu. With my wife Mina joining me for her 50th birthday we decided to book an extra week visiting the Chitwan National Park, Pokhara and Our Sansar’s children’s home in Birgunj – this seemed fitting having decided to raise money for the home through our trek.

Reaching the capital, Kathmandu on 9th April we stayed for 2 days to acclimatise to the 1600m. Our trek began at Lukla, to which we had to fly on a precarious 12-seater bi-plane – both our guide (Bale Tamang) and porter (Raju Tamang) joined us on this flight. Having chosen the longer 14 day trek to Base Camp via the Gokyo Lakes we began our 5 hour trek to Phakding.

Passing through beautiful picuresque villages, mountain paths and rivers we would ascend a maximum of 5,500 metres with Everest Base Camp at 5,400 metres. Our porter – having the hardest journey of all – would carry 25kg of luggage on his head!

We met some amazing people from all parts of the world. Each day, we would trek 7-10 hours reaching the next village before 5pm. Having dinner at 7pm we were all exhausted and in bed by 8pm, before getting up to start the next leg at 6am. The day before our ascent of Base Camp, an avalanche killed 16 sherpa guides at Base Camp 1, making it the worst accident to occur on Everest. Over the next few days we say several rescue helicopters, and the government halted summits of Everest for the rest of the season.

We began the ascent of Kala Pathar the next day at 3.30am – this was by far the coldest day when even 5 layers of clothes and two gloves were not enough to ward off the -15 deg C.

When we finally finished it was such a relief! 14 days with no mod cons and carrying 8kg backpacks was tough – and we still had the rest of Nepal to look forward to. Chitwan was a welcomed break as we played and bathed with elephants. Though after two days, we left for Birgunj picking up some treats of chocolate, crisps, biscuits and soft drinks for the children. On arrival we were warmly greeted by the children, Santosh, Mukesh and the rest of the staff at the children’s home. We also gave them 11kg of knitted clothes, hats and gloves – donated by the Charities Advisory Trust in the UK where our daughter works. Offering us lunch, Mukesh and Santosh then showed us around and gave us an insight into the children and their progress. Having learnt all about their stories and work, we’re so glad we decided to raise funds for them and WISH WE COULD DO MORE!”

If you’d like to add to Nitin and Mina’s donation page and help us do more for the Children’s Home


Support Our Sansar – on your bike!

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We at Our Sansar are delighted to let you all know that we have pinned in our next Fundraising Event:

London to Brighton Cycle Ride on 7th September. has the mammoth task of organizing this bike ride.

With over 2,000 expected to take part and raising funds for hundreds of charities this will be one of the largest sporting events before the summer ends.

Here are some facts about the ride:

Starting point: the beautiful Clapham Common, South London

Registration time: 06:30AM-09:30AM

Starting time: 09:30AM

Distance: 54 miles – We know you can do it!!!

Finish point: Maderia Drive, Brighton

Further details will be revealed nearer to the event.

We have heard it is the ‘workout of the year’ and we wanted to share it with you.

NO previous bike ride experience required – but we do recommend a bit of training beforehand! – ensuring you maximise your enjoyment and cross the finish line in glory.

If you love cycling, have the experience of commuting on a bike, enjoy sightseeing, a day out with your family, friends or colleagues this bike ride is definitely custom made for you! We promise that by reaching the finish point you’ll be much fitter than ever before.

How can you help us raising money for our current projects? Here are the 4 ‘Sansar’ steps:

Register here:

Raise a minimum of £100 for Our Sansar projects

Get your Our Sansar t-shirt

Enjoy the ride – plenty of picturesque scenery to see, local pubs to make your pit stops at and loads of fun are guaranteed.

If this challenge is for you please register HERE and Monica will get in touch with you with further details.

For any other inquiries she can be reached at



Fancy Buying a Buffalo this Christmas??

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This year Our Sansar have teamed up with Global Giving to help run our campaign:

Buy a Buffalo

Yep that’s right we want to buy a couple of these lovely creatures for our Children’s Home:

Santa Buffalo

In order to do this we need your help and support to raise awareness and a minimum of £2,000 through our Global Giving page. We’ve got until the 23rd December guys so let’s get moving!!!

Click Here to Donate 🙂

And here’s why:


Not only will it provide a highly nutritional source of milk for the children, but its milk can also provide an income that can help contribute to their education, food, clothes etc. What great creatures!!!

Sooooooo here’s the details ~

A little bit about us

At Our Sansar we’re dedicated to the reduction of global poverty. Currently working in Nepal, we work hard to provide education, welfare and shelter to local communities. We’re a small and fairly new charity so everyone on board really does work around the clock to make a difference. To find out more about our work please give us a visit and say hi!

One of our current projects is our Children’s Home in Birgunj. The home provides children with: Shelter, Food, Education, Counselling, Linking with close or extended families, Skills training and internships with local companies for the older children.

Why our work in Nepal is so important

There are around 30,000 children living on the streets of Nepal. Around 350 of these children are living on the streets of Hetaudu, Chitwan and Birgunj and the numbers are constantly increasing.

More than 50,000 children die annually in Nepal, with malnutrition as the underlying cause of death in more than 60% of those deaths. 

31%  of children aged 5 to 14 are involved in some form of child labour.

There are dozens of statistics that could highlight why our work is Nepal is so vital in providing a promising future for many children. But instead of bombarding you with any more I’ll just show you:





Street Children New Road

With your help we can give these children hope for the future.

Give them the food, security and shelter they need.

The education they have the right to.

And the childhood they deserve,

Let’s put some smiles back on all these childrens faces this Christmas!!!photo14

Why Buffaloes??

So we’ve told you about us, our work,

now a bit more about our campaign……

It costs the equivalent of £1 a day to buy 3 litres of milk for the children in Our Sansar’s home.

1 buffalo would provide around 15 litres of milk a day.

Buffalo milk has a higher nutritional value than cows milk and can be naturally preserved for longer.

Not only does it provide a valuable source of nutrition, its milk can provide an income to feed, clothe and educate the children.

So our plan is to raise enough money to place hopefully 2 (we wouldn’t want one getting lonely!) buffaloes in our Children’s Home. They’ll not only aid the children through their yummy nutritious milk but help us to keep the home running and improve the lives of dozens of street children.

Who knew buffaloes could be so helpful??

So please support us in our cause, donate as much as you can,

and help us buy a buffalo to make a child’s Christmas this year extra special.

Thank you!

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